• November 19, 2019

Are the offenses of LSU and Alabama better than the Cleveland Browns?

(From left to right) Joe Burrow, Baker Mayfield and Tua Tagovailoa are shown in the picture above. Each of the quarterbacks have thrown for at least 2,000 yards, but that’s

King Princess’ Cheap Queen Review

Seemingly as soon as I start complaining about a lack of new music, King Princess decides to bless me with her new album Cheap Queen. As her first LP, the

Is the State Fair worth the price?

For the past six years, I’ve gone to the North Carolina State fair with my friends. I always get excited to walk around and go on all the rides. In

Advertising Impact

Whether you realize it or not, someone is always trying to sell you something. Every day you will see approximately 5000 advertisements. With a large volume of advertisements being presented