LEO Club 2018-2019

Maddie Mareno, Vice President of the LEO Club, adopted a highway over the summer on behalf over the club (Photo used by permission of the LEO Club twitter).

The Leadership, Experience, and Opportunity Club, also know as LEO Club, held their first meeting of the year during lunch this past Wednesday, September 5. The interest in the club was large with over 100 people attending.

The executives of the club shared their goals and passions to students who came to the meeting. “The goal of LEO Club is to serve and serve in the community. [LEO Club] gives people the opportunity who might not otherwise be interested in something as in-depth as Key Club, or they didn’t get into National Honor Society,” said Sarah Cade, faculty advisor of the club.

The club is especially passionate about environmental service, and over the summer they exemplified their passion. On August 31, Maddie Mareno, vice president of LEO Club, adopted a highway on behalf of the club. “I am very passionate about the environment, so over the summer I started organizing it with Mrs. Cade…It’s our main project this year and can make an impact within the Leesville area,” said Mareno.

The highway they adopted is the quarter-mile stretch of O’Neal Road right next to the school. The club has close access to the road and will easily be able to keep it in good shape.

The club also stressed their want for inclusivity “Getting friends together who like community service projects is the biggest goal…We provide a friendly atmosphere,” said Cade.

If you are interested in LEO Club make sure you attend their upcoming meeting on October 3. Stay updated with the LEO Club by following them on Twitter and Instagram.


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