Why you should join SNAC

If you are interested, pick up a SNAC application next to room 2201 (photo courtesy of Will Dunn

Special Needs students make up around 1% of the school’s population, but they are often overlooked at Leesville. SNAC — Special Needs Awareness Club — gives students at Leesville the opportunity to interact and spend time with their fellow peers because students don’t have the chance during school.

SNAC holds meetings every Wednesday during lunch and rotates between activities of cooking, games, and crafts. Every week is something different, you could bake cookies one week, but the next you could play cards. This gives the opportunity to Leesville students to have fun with the special needs population of the school. SNAC has many meetings over the course of the year which leads to growing relationships between special needs students and members of the club.

Forming relationships with special needs students at our school is necessary for SNAC. “I think it’s really important to have activities that include the population of special needs high school students at our school because they’re often left out of things, like the typical high school experience,” said Charlotte Goto, junior and vice president of SNAC.

Leesville students and special needs students have differing schedules from each other, but SNAC brings them together. “[SNAC] offers the students in typical classrooms and special needs classrooms to interact with each other more and build relationship that otherwise wouldn’t be possible,” said Emma Grindastaff, senior and co-president of SNAC.

Special needs representation is important at Leesville, and SNAC gives students the opportunity to make more friends, including their special needs peers. SNAC is a great club and gives you the opportunity to go the Special Olympics and Miracle League events outside of school.

If you are interested in joining SNAC, make sure you go to room 2201 to pick up an application.

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