Relief After Florence Volunteer Day

Wednesday the bags we finished sit ready to be loaded into the truck to go to Wilmington. Branded by NationWide Insurance, a main sponsor towards Florence relief funds.

Wednesday September 19 was a day off for all traditional Wake County schools.

While others were peacefully sleeping in my family and I decided to do something that would benefit others. My mother, who is a Nationwide employee, had a volunteer opportunity for my two younger brothers and me.

Nationwide Insurance is a huge sponsor when it comes to relief for natural disasters, such as Hurricane Florence. Nationwide recently sponsored the American Red Cross $1 million dollars for damage caused by Florence.

Outside of the huge sponsorship, Nationwide Insurance also contributed to the south eastern regional office, for people like myself to prepare in small ways to make a big impact.

I got to be a part of a process that will help those in need such as for people in Kinston, Jacksonville, and New Bern North Carolina.

With many in need, we created an assembly line with supplies to put in “Nationwide” brand bags which would be given out. The assembly line consisted of supplies such as batteries, flashlights, sanitary wipes, gloves, trash bags, and small packaged snacks.

Through the assembly line, we participated in packing each supply in the bag properly and eventually putting the bags in a truck that was traveling to these places the same day. Along with the the bag of supplies, we seperated a variety of diapers in ziplock bags to be given out to people that need them. Cases of water were also packed in the truck which seemed to be the most important supply.

Volunteering towards the Florence relief felt amazing. I didn’t realize how in need people would be after the storm. If you are interested in volunteering or donating, Organizations such as Habitat for Humanity or the Red Cross are always open for opportunities.


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