Does Senioritis affect snacking?

Everyone snacks differently, and this collection of different senior’s food definitely proves it. You can see items from apples to chocolates and everything in between. (Photo courtesy of Marie Cox)

Senioritis, a highly contagious (and fictitious) disease, is starting to spread among Leesville students. Most know the mainstream symptoms– a lack of motivation, lazy completion of school work, and skipping classes.

However, one question remains: does Senioritis affect your snacking habits too?

“I usually have some granola during second period,” said Jennifer Paul, a senior. She is beginning to feeling the onset of Senioritis–especially in her AP classes. As far as her snacking choices go, she attempts to eat healthier snacks and drink large amounts of water.

Paul feels like she “snacks less now” then in previous years even though she is more stressed. Her trick for not letting stress result in more snacking? Go into the year with the mindset that snacking only contributes to stress and doesn’t get rid of it. Often times stress causes you to stress eat, and the foods you choose to munch on are usually unhealthy comfort foods. However, after the stressful episode is over, you feel bad about the eating choices you made and thus have more anxiety over eating healthier to make up for the bad choices you made previously.

One of the major reasons many seniors note for not snacking is their laziness. Senioritis appears to translate to both academic work and daily life. Paul mentions how she strictly enjoys snacks that are “easy to carry around” because they are less hassle and less work. These snacks include prepackaged food and some fruits like oranges.

It would seem that Senioritis does effect the snacking of Leesville students. However, heavy snacking isn’t a symptom like some would assume. Rather, Senioritis leads to a drop off in snacking as a result of stress and laziness.

That being said, for all of us who do snack, halloween candy is starting to pop into stores. Grab your favorite and remember to always (try) and do your school work.


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