Cheez-Its v. Goldfish

Cheez-Its are orange in color with ridges along the sides. Their square shape differs from the rounder form of Goldfish. (Image rights to Wikimedia Commons)

If you walk around the Leesville cafeteria during lunch, it is extremely easy to identify Ziploc bags full of salty yellow crackers. More specifically, a vast number of students consume either Cheez-Its or Goldfish on a daily basis.

While their nutritional value is comparatively low, these two snacks have become a staple snack food among tons of teenagers. Unfortunately, two doesn’t necessarily mean a happy companionship. Both snacks have surprisingly strong opinions behind both their taste and structure, making them somewhat rivals.

Josh Bellue, a junior at Leesville, feels that Goldfish are a waste of space. He eats cereal bowls full of Cheez-Its for lunch and cannot support the production of their oceanic rival.

“Inside the cracker, there are air pockets. It’s such a waste of money because you’re paying for more than you actually get…when you eat Cheez-Its, you’re so much more satisfied because you paid for the entire chip, and that’s what you get,” he said.

Goldfish crackers actually do contain a minuscule pocket of air in the middle of the snack because of the manufacturing method. Golden goodness surrounds the center of the cracker that other high schoolers find to be delectable.

“Cheez-Its are gross; they leave a rank aftertaste in your mouth. Goldfish are so much more satisfying, and the crackers have a cute little smile on them too,” said Analeigh Kurelich, Leesville junior.

Both Cheez-Its and Goldfish are extremely popular snacks, but their competition may never end due to personal preference. Some at Leesville swear by the smiling fish form, while others will always support their cheesy squares.

Visit your local grocery store to choose either or both of the favorite snacks. Participate in a large underlying debate of the Leesville cafeteria.


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