Leesville AP Exam Registration Opens


With first semester exams approaching, AP exam registration also lurks. The online registration opened on December 6, 2018 and is open until March 4, 2019.

Online registration can be found here. The exams are free to take if you are currently enrolled in the class this year, but if you want to take an exam that you are not enrolled in or is not offered at Leesville, it costs $94.

Daryn Wilkerson, a senior, has taken 6 AP Exams in the past three years and plans to take six more this year. “I decided to take them [AP Exams], so I can get hours off of classes in school. With the hours off, I can focus on extracurriculars and harder classes,” said Wilkerson.

While Ms. Swan has usually taken the role of organizing AP Exams, Mr. Greene has stepped into that position.

Mr. Greene, Leesville’s dean of students as well as the coordinator for the 2019 AP Exams, tells students to register early. “The most important thing is for students to register by the deadline of March 4. There is no extension to the deadline. My advice would be to go ahead and register now so students don’t forget,” said Mr. Greene.

Make sure to register for your AP exams and to check the schedule for when the occur. If you have any AP exam questions, make sure to email Mr. Greene at egreene@wcpss.net.


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