Newspaper Staff Superlatives: “Most Likely To…”

Caption: Leesville’s 2018-19 Newspaper Staff (photo used by permission of Mr. Broer).

Most likely to buy out Target: Madeleine Bimonte

If you’re ever wondering what to get Madeline as a gift just walk into Target and raid the dollar section. It’s full of fun, quirky, and useful gadgets. No one loves the dollar section as much as Bimonte, she might just buy the whole store.


Most likely to create a masterpiece: Ellie Bruno

Ellie Bruno is extremely artistic and creative. If you ever receive a piece of artwork from Ellie, you should save it, let it age, it might be worth millions some day. Or you could keep it hang it in your house, it might just be that one decoration to take your home’s look up a notch.


Most likely to befriend a penguin: Marie Cox

Marie loves penguins! She’s so kind that anything and everyone would want to be friends with her.


Most likely to win a Guinness Record: Will Dunn

“William Dunn: World record holder for the world’s prolific procrastinator.” -The Guinness Book of Records 2022. Available for purchase in a bookstore near you 3 years from now.


Most likely to have the clearest skin: Olivia Fontaine

If you ask Olivia what she wants as a gift, she’ll probably give you the choice of facemasks. All her face masks are used to keep her skin nice and bright.


Most likely to become a critic: Keeli Johnson

Ever need a review on the latest book, movie, or even album before you buy something? Just ask Keeli about it, I bet she won’t let your money go to waste.


Most likely to discover the next One Direction: Jannah Said

If Miss Said hasn’t made you aware already, just ask her about Wake County’s very own band, Weston Estate. She’ll tell you all about them and might even hint you towards their best songs. Count on her to share America’s next big boy band with the world.


Most likely to be the first female NFL player: Cierra Short

Cierra Short’s love for NFL player Odell Beckham, Jr., might drive to the point of pursuing a football career. If being a New York Giant is what she has to do for Mr. Beckham Jr. to become friends with her, no doubt she’ll do it! (See if you can spot Cierra with Giant’s merch on!)


Most likely to be the next Youtube millionaire: Hannah Comeskey

The Mycenaean’s video editor—Hannah Comeskey works with the very popular Youtube more than you know. As she helps the other newspaper staff upload their videos, Hannah has almost mastered the art of Youtube. She might as well hop on the wave and get rich off of it, right?


Most likely to become a hairstylist: McKenna  Daley

Mckenna Daley—celebrity hair stylist in the making. She braids so well, you might just be able to hire her for prom! Check her out on Youtube {}!


Most likely to invent a new form of social media: Erin Darnell

Erin Darnell—head of the Mycenaean’s social media accounts. As much as Darnell works with the world’s most popular social media accounts, count on her to know what the perfect social media app incorporates.


Most likely to win Lip Sync Battle: Isabel Daumen

Isabel Daumen completely rocked her cameo in The Mycenaean Christmas video, lip syncing to Mariah Carey’s “All I Want For Christmas.” Here, see it for yourself, I’m telling the truth (Daumen is the fifth person to appear in the video). {}


Most likely to utilize passive voice: Natalie Gore

Junior staff writer Natalie Gore LOVES passive voice. If you ever need some pointers on this writing tool, hit her up, she knows all about it!


Most likely to become president: Mariana Herrera

This superlative is obviously for Miss Herrera. She has strong opinions about controversial topics, big visions for the country’s future, and she’s great in a crisis. If there were a check list titled “Great President,” Mariana would check off a lot of those boxes!


Most likely to turn a room into Bath and Body Works: Sarah Jumma

Sarah loves scented hand sanitizer and bath bombs, and that’s all you have to know. Hit her up if you happen to need to sanitize your hands (kills 99.99% of germs).


Most likely to win The Hunger Games: Lucy Leen

Lucy is incredibly strong and strategic, just watch her on the basketball court, and you’ll see for yourself. And did I mention that she’s feisty (the best kind of feisty there is)? She could totally take down a wrestler if she had to (not saying any names). Lucy Leen equals the real life Katniss Everdeen.


Most likely to win a handstand competition: Izzy Parsons

Gymnast Izzy Parsons won’t let you down if you bet on her to win a handstand competition. She can stay on her hands way longer than most and to impress you even more she might just go ahead and walk on them.


Most likely to be mistaken as Sean Penn: Jacob Polansky

If you’ve ever seen the classic 80’s movie, Fast Times at Ridgemont High, you know what Sean Penn as character Jeff Spicoli looks like. C’mon, tell me Mr. Polansky doesn’t remind you of him! #flow  


Most likely to become a M&M: Kaitlyn Stocum

You can almost always catch Kaitlyn snacking’ on peanut M&M’s. Can you blame her? They’re delicious! Keep eating those M&M’s, and you might just turn into one.


Most likely to start their own charity:  Sydney Tucker

Sydney Tucker might just be the kindest and politest person you’ll ever meet.


Most likely to run across the country: Ashley Tysiac

Have you ever seen Forrest Gump? Cross country runner, Ashley, is the one you can count on to recreate Forrest’s famous run across country. That girl can run for days!


Most likely to become a sports commentator: Matt Wiener

Matt Wiener’s go to articles—sports. You can count on Matt to update The Mycenaean on all sports from highschool to professional. If you want to know anything about any athlete, just ask Matt. I bet he could answer your question in more detail than you could imagine. The boy loves sports!


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