RJ Wilson’s Commitment to Basketball

At the free throw line, RJ Wilson prepares to shoot for two extra points. In the end, the Pride was able to take home the win against Heritage High School. Photo used with permission of RJ Wilson

Basketball season has finally arrived with thrills and excitement with its persistence, tough grind, and outstanding leadership.

RJ Wilson, four-year men’s varsity basketball player at Leesville Road High school, strives to demonstrate those characteristics since he discovered his passion for basketball.

As a starting point, basketball was introduced to Wilson by his uncle at a young age. Wilson started in Parks and Recreation programs learning fundamentals, later advancing to the middle school league for Leesville Road Middle school.

With basketball as his favorite sport, he has learned to love the game. “When playing basketball, I feel like I can be myself. I feel relaxed,” said Wilson.

Wilson is a power forward where has access to score dynamic points in the post. To his advantage, Wilson has the perfect build and height for his position. “The way the game is set up, allows me to successfully be an all around player,” said Wilson.

Basketball is more than a game. It teaches and brings different opportunities to the different individuals that choose to purse the skills of the game. “Being a four year varsity player makes me feel like a veteran kind of. I do the same things that allow me to stand out and be a leader for the newcomers on the team,” said Wilson.

Not only is Wilson able to demonstrate the development of characteristics basketball brings, but he also advocates for young athletes like himself. “Basketball has taught me to give 100 percent in everything I do because if give your all you are destined to get good results,” said Wilson.

As encouragement to young athletes, Wilson recommends,“Take everything seriously because you think you have all the time in the world and then you look up but you are out of it.”

One of Wilson’s role models in today’s NBA league draws to Draymond Green, for the Golden State Warriors. Wilson and Green play similar positions with comparable work ethics. “I like the way Draymond shows his emotion for the game and leaves everything he has out on the court,” said Wilson.

When passion for the game of basketball arises, so does the opportunities for scholarships and funding towards the gateway for college. In return for the scholarships and funding, athletes like Wilson are able to play the game they love for their school.

Over the last three years of high school, Wilson has had interest from schools such as Campbell University and High Point University, but as a result Wilson choose to commit to Presbyterian College located in Clinton, South Carolina. “I really wanted to be close to home, but the college is only four hours away making it not that bad,” said Wilson.

He has no doubt that he will succeed at Presbyterian College. One of the most influencing factors for Wilson signing with Presbyterian College was the fact that they heavily recruited him. “They wanted me badly and were committed on making sure they had me on their team,” said Wilson.

This season Wilson has great belief in his team and executes excitement to compete in his last year of high school. Wilson encourages the Leesville Road High School community to support the pride on game days. The men’s varsity basketball schedule can be found on the Leesville athletic website, if interested.


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