• October 23, 2019

Who is Lucy Leen?

Lucy Leen, Leesville High School’s newspaper Editor-In-Chief, has accomplished many notable feats in her four years here, yet rarely receives any public recognition because it is strongly advised to not

Senior crowns progress

Senior crowns are a Leesville tradition for homecoming every year. I’ve waited three years, and finally my time has come. (Photo courtesy of Natalie Gore) Every year, Leesville seniors receive

Is it time for a Homecoming dance again?

LRHS has gone several years since last holding a homecoming dance. Is it finally time to change that? (Photo used by permission of Rachel Alvis) Highlights of going to a

Classy Carolina Prom: A Hit

Quite a few proms occurred this past weekend: Ravenscroft, Wakefield and Leesville. Leesville prom, themed “Classy Carolina” was an absolute vision. The decor was white drapery lights, white fences, and