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Introducing Snapchat to the Mycenaean

Snapchat is quickly becoming an innovative, popular platform for sharing news and events. Top news sources such as CNN and Cosmopolitan have started spreading news via Snapchat regularly. To follow in their footsteps, The Mycenaean staff now has their own Snapchat account.

For those unfamiliar with Snapchat, it’s a mobile app for iOS and Android devices that uses pictures and videos to communicate with friends and followers. Users can send media to a single person or multiple selected people. The Snapchat “stories” feature, created in October 2013, allows users to share media with their followers for a 24-hour period with unlimited replays. News sources, event producers and small companies use Snapchat to broadcast events while they’re happening–media that otherwise would not have been available to the public.

Snapchat will be a useful media platform for The Mycenaean because it will give the staff the ability to share Leesville community news instantly. Their audience doesn’t always have time to read a full length article, so Snapchat stories will provide quick visual update of the most current Leesville events.

By adding us, @lrhsnews, to your Snapchat friends list, you will be able to communicate more personally with The Mycenaean staff and receive an inside look into life at and around Leesville.


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