Leesville releases 2015 NC scholars list

The 2015 NC Scholars list was released last week. Seniors must have met a list of certain criteria to become one of the scholars.

Leesville Road High School released its list of NC Scholars this past week.

NC Scholars are seniors who have met a list of certain criteria by the end of the year. The criteria must include having maintained a 3.5 unweighted GPA through third quarter of their senior year. Students who aspire to be NC Scholars must also have taken a certain amount of AP and Honors classes.

“You have to take a certain course load each year and take challenging classes and keep up with your grades,” said Kelly Pring, an NC Scholar who is a senior at Leesville.

The list of NC Scholars may look long, but compared to the size of the class very few people are selected. To achieve the GPA necessary for becoming an NC Scholar, students must receive mostly A’s and some B’s.

“It means that I’ve worked hard in high school and it’s paid off,” said Kurtis Konrad, another senior at Leesville.

Being an NC Scholar may not give seniors a giant step up in college applications, but Pring hopes it will help her once college has started.

“It wasn’t a huge help…college wise because by then we had already been accepted or denied to wherever we wanted to go, but I think it’ll definitely help us look good once we get there and kind of just be able to know that we have this honor for us and that they chose…the right people,” said Pring.

You can find the list of NC Scholars posted outside of Student Services and in various places around the school.


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