Seniors follow military calling


According to, over 100,000 high school graduates enter the military each year. Leesville is proud to present Pete Dzandu, Korin Montes, Michael Henderson, Mondra Hawkins and Gabriel Krautz as five of those students.

Those who enter the military straight out of high school are given the opportunity to get a college degree and serve their country at the same time. Entering the workforce or the military right after high school may seem difficult to some, but for others it’s just the right thing to do.

Pete Dzandu noted that his “main reason [for joining the Navy] was that they offered a free college education.”

Dzandu was inspired by the Navy recruiters to take the path that he will take, but some students like Korin Montes and Michael Henderson have known what they wanted to do for a long time.

“Since I was twelve, [being a part of the military] is something I’ve thought about,” said Montes. “My stepdad was in the Air-Force and my cousin’s boyfriend was a Marine. [The boyfriend] talked to my stepdad about basic training and it sounded awesome.”

After her high school career is over, Montes will be following in her stepdad’s footsteps by joining the Air-Force. She really wants to travel and see the world, while being a part of something in the process.

Henderson has felt he’s “always known” that joining the Army was right for him. When asked if there was a certain person that influenced his decision he mentioned his Dad and his Uncle who were both in the Army and saw him joining the Army as being a part of “family history.”

“I hope to gain a sense of maturity and discipline, plus skills I can use in the real world as opposed to just the military,” said Henderson when asked what he hopes to accomplish through the Army.

Mondra Hawkins, Nathan Browning and Gabriel Krautz have also committed to joining the military after high school but are on undecided on which branch they want to enter.


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