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Social media for FCCLA

Social media affects Leesville as a community. In a survey conducted from a classroom, 100% of students said they have seen a harmful post and 44% of the students said they have posted something harmful themselves.

Cyberbullying and online harassment can affect someone’s self-esteem. Nobody should go online and have a fear of reading a mean post about themselves.

My partner Soett Torres and I have been collecting data and creating presentations on how to properly use social media for a FCCLA competition. Over the course of five months, we noticed some of Leesville’s own students abusing social media and using it inappropriately. Through our project, we hope to teach social media etiquette and that actions do have consequences.

Soett and I would like to think we influenced our peers in a positive way. We conducted surveys, presented in front of classes, created a twitter, and put posters around the school. We still have goals we hope to achieve by the end of the school year like reaching a certain number of followers on our twitter @FCCLAsocial and continuing with surveys and presentations.

After recently competing against other FCCLA students from around North Carolina, Soett and I will proceed to compete at a National competition in Washington D.C. Unfortunately, we won’t be able to change the mind of every student about social media, but hopefully enough to make a difference within our school community.


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