Uniq releases dance version of “EOEO”

(left to right) Wenhan, Seungyoun, Sungjoo, Yibo and Yixuan make up the rookie group Uniq.

Uniq has had a busy week! With the release of their first mini album EOEO, the rookie group is ready to show that they can keep up with the best of them.

The Chinese-Korean boy band has already filmed and released their title track “EOEO” in both Chinese and Korean and performed on several stages since. The most recent installment in their MVs has been a dance version of the video. Released on April 29, the video showcases their dynamic choreography. And, I must say, this choreography is a far cry from their debut “Perfume Dance.”

The edgier look and sound to the song and group is not odd for a group’s comeback, but similar to their fellow rookie group Boyfriend, the change is quite drastic. Not so much in looks, but more in sound, as they’ve shifted from a lighthearted love song, to an instant club hit. Yibo, on the other hand, is an entirely different story. Maybe it’s just me, but the 17-year-old rapper was almost unrecognizable with his dark brown hair.

Granted, the group did release a hip-hop song entitled, “Born to Fight” for the release of the Korean release of the new Ninja Turtles film that could be considered “edgy,” but that was almost too cringeworthy to talk about. And one thing that hasn’t changed, unfortunately, is how quick they are to put some braids in Yibo’s head.

And can we talk about how everybody has been doing the Whip recently? I mean, EVERYBODY. And, sorry not sorry, but most of them are fails. Uniq’s Whip is somewhat successful, but it’s been so overdone. It was the same with the Bernie, Dougie, Cat Daddy, etc. It seems like every time there is a popular dance, idols race to be the “first” do it, and next thing you know, there are six music videos within a month that feature that dance. It’s 2008 all over again!

Uniq’s mini album is comprised of six songs, including the title track “EOEO,” their debut track “Falling in Love,” and the Ninja Turtle song “Born to Fight.” I’ll try to pretend I’m not disappointed by that last one.

Hopefully the boys get their time to shine before Big Bang and BTS’s comebacks this week as well.


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