The 5 best things about senior year


The high school experience is one that is stereotyped up and down. Although some cliches may be 100 percent inaccurate, some things such as the corny senior prom and imminent senioritis are undoubtedly true.

ONES ON TOP: One of the best things regarding senior year is primarily the seniority that comes with the position. Being the big dogs on campus, being in charge of informing the lowerclassmen about Leesville, like the pool on top of the east building. This gives seniors a sense of superiority and that, in itself, is always a great feeling, to know that you’re at the top position of any hierarchy.

DROP THE APs: In senior year, you’re more able to drop the ridiculous number of GPA-raising, sweat-inducing AP classes and are able to take more classes you enjoy, such as academic-level electives, like Art or CTE classes. As a senior, you can have a more relaxed and enjoyable class schedule, unviable to juniors.

ALLOTTED SENIORITIS: Another great aspect of senior year is that, particularly second semester, seniors can be more lax with their strenuous studying regimes and are more able to relax with their grades as they no longer “really count”, as you’re already in college, and as long as you don’t slip too much, it has no effect. Also due to the less serious class-load, you’ll be more able to take a breather, regarding grades.

PROM 2K15: Prom along with other end of year activities are a huge source of excitement for seniors. Senior spring break, the senior prank, senior assembly, graduation, are all events that are hallmarks of any senior year.

THE FUTURE: Perhaps the very best part of senior year is the fact that it gives its residents a hopeful look to the future, for college, and freedom and the real world, and as much as it is put down, upon initiation, it is probably the most exciting and nerve-wrecking thing in the world, and from the moment “Oh the Places You’ll Go” escapes your principal’s mouth in graduation, it feels as though the world is in the palm of your hand.


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