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Classy Carolina Prom: A Hit

Quite a few proms occurred this past weekend: Ravenscroft, Wakefield and Leesville. Leesville prom, themed “Classy Carolina” was an absolute vision.

The decor was white drapery lights, white fences, and light arches. The lighting was a hue of blue. Although the music playlist was, in my opinion, not prime, there was such a great atmosphere on the dance floor and throughout the hall.

Comparative comments from attendees of 2014 and 2015 Leesville prom, said “Classy Carolina” was better than last years’, mostly due to the fact that the venue was not as hot as last years. It borrowed the idea of a photo booth that was a big time seller for prom.

Eric Schneider, junior, shared his opinion of his first prom experience: “It was an amazing time with great people. The council did a great job throwing this together.”

Another junior, Alex Sohn also gave her opinion of prom 2015. “My favorite part of prom is seeing everyone looking beautiful. Leesville cleans up nice.”


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