Senior prom

Daniel Nance (right) kisses his girlfriend, Mary Lewis (left), during group pictures. The two enjoyed a night with good friends going out to dinner, dancing, and traveling to a friend’s lake house.

Classy Carolina prom was a huge hit this year, especially for Leesville’s senior class. Those who went enjoyed a special night with fellow Loonies dancing, eating and socializing.

“My senior prom was infinitely better than it was sophomore year,” said Nate Browning, senior. “I just really enjoyed the night to kind of put high school in perspective for me. I will never be able to live that experience again, and it makes the fact we, seniors, are leaving more real.”

“The decorations were very classy and the cake pops were for sure a winner,” said Robbie Cushman, senior. “Senior prom was a much better experience than my junior year prom. I went with my core friend group where I knew everyone very well…my date was very callipygous and my friend group was very elegant.”

The theme, location and music were favored this year over last year as well. Seniors enjoyed a more modern, classy and neutral theme with a few fun additions. A large variety of finger food was offered with refreshments like tea and lemonade. Lights hung in mason jars and a multitude of tables were set up surrounding the dancefloor.

“The theme was…executed well…and the photo booth was really fun this year,” said Daniel Nance, senior.

“The music was also a lot better this year due to the fact that it was more ‘prommy’ rather than last year where I felt like they tried to make the dance a rave,” said Cushman.

The majority of seniors have already experienced prom at least once before this final year. Most enjoyed their first experience(s) and chose to attend the dance again to experience the “epitome of high school” one final time.

“I basically experienced prom the same way both years: pictures at someone’s home, then dinner at a semi-fancy restaurant, then prom, then everyone hanging out at a friend’s house for the rest of the night,” said Browning. “When I went as a sophomore, we had a limo, but it wasn’t special; [this year] I was just happy to be with people I wanted to be with.”

“Last year, I was a part of a large group that took pictures, went to dinner and went to prom together, but we did not really do much after the dance. This year, however, my group did all of those things in addition to spending the night at a lake house with friends,” said Nance.

When asked why he went to prom for the second time, Nance said, “I’ve been dating a certain beautiful girl for over three years now, and both of us wanted to take part in the memories and fun that prom provides both chances we got.”

“Proms are memorable and hard to forget; they’re one of those things that you will tell your kids about in the future,” said Cushman.

All who attended gave similar ravishing reviews and continue on to their last month of high school knowing they’ll carry the memories made with them forever.


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