• June 14, 2021

Music’s influence on us can be lasting if we are able to relate to the lyrics. This search for an artist or song that we are able to connect to is made easy by many artist of today. Artists today continue to write what their audiences want to hear, not of their emotions or past experiences.

This is where artist Lana Del Rey doesn’t fit into the stereotypical pop-star or rock-alternative singer. Del Rey takes pride in not being like the rest of artist at her age (39) and only writes about her past relationships, experiences, conflicts and tragedies. Del Rey also doesn’t hold back when talking about her true feelings in her music, making her music dramatically different from the rest.

As Lana Del Rey’s name becomes more widely known, her mysterious personality comes more into question. Her “mystery” is created by her reserved personality on camera but use of deep lyrics in almost all her songs. This combination makes Del Rey commonly misunderstood by listeners who don’t know her story.

“Lana Del Rey is exactly who she’s supposed to be: Free enough to be her own person, and that’s exactly who I am. I’m not like a persona. I’m not a caricature of myself.” said Del Rey (referring to herself in the third person) in an NPR interview with Scott Simon.

Del Rey is an old, wild soul. She tries to live in the 50’s, always staying classy and reserved. But she also twists this lifestyle by having a love for leather, motorcycles, love and cigarettes. This different personality and lifestyle is catches the attention of the media and news, broadcasting her as “weirdly different from the rest.”

Before you hear the stories about Del Rey and make up your mind about her music, listen to it. Her music, just like her, is different from what you might hear on the radio today but is very powerful. Her songs about love affairs, life, drama and relationships opens up listeners to a different side of life. This insight can be addicting, making her listeners what to know more about her. This effect of Del Rey’s music is attracting a bigger fan base–everybody wants to know more about life, and what those lyrics really mean.

Once you give Lana Del Rey a try you will the true power and beauty of her music. Each song will leave you with a question, making you want to hear more, and  learn more about her.

Some of Lana Del Rey’s biggest hits include “Video Games,” “Ultraviolence,” “Summertime Sadness,” “National Anthem” and “Old Money.” Her music can be found virtually anywhere including iTunes.

Lana del Rey is coming to North Carolina this summer. She will be performing at PNC Music Pavilion in Charlotte, June 13, 2015.

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