Keeping up with the teachers: Señor Laws

Señor Laws teaches his fourth period, Spanish II.

Leesville recently entered its fourth quarter of the 2014-2015 school year. As the school year comes to an end, Leesville is losing some teachers and keeping others. Señor Laws, one of Leesville’s newest teachers, is here to stay.

In October, Señor Laws spoke with The Mycenaean about teaching at other schools and what drove him to teach in the first place. Now, Laws talks about how Leesville has been treating him as the school heads into its final quarter.

Despite the fact Laws hasn’t taught at Leesville the whole year, he has already started to impact his students. One of his Spanish II students from last semester, Abbott Gaddy, considers Laws to be a very good teacher.

“He was very enthusiastic, and he liked to use real world examples and jokes to help connect Spanish to our lives. He was just really nice and he was very helpful. It just seemed like he really cared about teaching,” said Abbott Gaddy.

This isn’t Laws’ first time teaching. He’s taught at plenty of other schools, but they’re all bound to give someone a different experience. Leesville has given Laws a very positive experience so far.

“This has been one of my best years simply because it is a complete 360 from all of my teaching years in another county. The language culture is high and the expectations of the students are higher from the teachers as well as the administration,” said Laws.

Concerning students in language classes, Laws believes the culture is high because of how many Spanish classes are in the hallway. He said his expectations regarding speaking the language wasn’t that high due to the other schools he taught at. The students won’t respond at his old schools, but Leesville has exceeded his expectations. The collaboration between the teachers is wonderful to Laws because everyone is on the same page. He loves Leesville because of the accountability, since he loves being held accountable for things.

Laws is proud to be a member of the Pride family and he hopes to stay here as long as possible. He’s also hoping to become an administrator in the future.


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