Teacher Spotlight: Señor Laws


If you’ve walked down the language hallway, you might have heard the strong voice of Señor Laws, Leesville’s most recent addition to the Spanish staff.

Señor Laws grew up in Durham, and he attended North Carolina Central University. Currently, Laws is attending Concordia for his Master of Education degree.

Before Leesville, Laws taught at multiple other schools: Healthy Start Academy, W.G. Pearson Middle School, Hillside High, Christian Faith Center–a private school in Creedmoor, and Northern High School–the high school Señor Laws attended himself.

“The impact that my teachers have made on my life and my desire to do the same thing in the lives of our students [inspires me]”, said Laws in an e-mail interview.

Señor Laws said his kindergarten teacher made the biggest impact on his life. Since he couldn’t talk until the age of 5, the state wanted to categorize him as a special needs child. With the guidance and care of his kindergarten teacher, he managed to stay in her class.

“She fought [so that] I could stay in her class and develop. She saw something special in me,” said Laws.

“Leesville is a very beautiful school, big and full of students who want to learn,” said Laws in response to his opinion on Leesville High. He joined the Leesville staff because of the kindness throughout the World Language Department and his desire for change.Laws wants to help his students be able to use Spanish more casually over the course of their lives.


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