• February 27, 2021

Political Club Starts the Second Semester with a New Adviser

On Tuesday, February 23, Political Club met for the first time in the second semester. During their meeting, the group discussed both the economic and vaccine-related sides of Biden’s Covid-19

A Quote For the Week

(Photo Courtesy of Gretchen Stern) People often hear the saying, “a cat has 9 lives.” This refers to the fact they are usually very agile and noted for their longevity.

What You Can Gain From Handwriting Letters

These days many people just send texts or emails in order to send messages to others. However, writing letters and cards is still an option, which sometimes may be a

Senior student spotlights

Heather Crew Will Kelly Nathan Marcellino Tanasia Futrell Matt Cross Brendan Kelly HEATHER CREW: VALEDICTORIAN Heather Crew, a very impressive student, has taken 13 AP classes spanning the four years