Junior Marshals — class of ‘17

The Junior Marshals for the class of 2017 are featured in the above photo. At Leesville, Eric Greene, Dean of Students, coordinates the Junior Marshals. (Photo used by permission of Eric Greene)

Leesville Road High School announced their new group of Junior Marshals for the class of 2017. Junior Marshals are the juniors with a 3.70 GPA or higher in each graduating class.

The top ten students in the Junior Class are automatically offered to become a Junior Marshal. None of the top ten students have to agree to become a Junior Marshal. After that, the offer to become a Junior Marshal is opened to the rest of the Junior Class. For the application process students have to write a short essay, list their school activities and leader positions. Currently, there are twenty Junior Marshals.

“They’re congratulating and celebrating the seniors of like what they’ve done and all their accomplishments,” said Nathan Gamble, Junior Marshal.

This year’s Junior Marshals are Lindsey Burnette, Nathaniel Gamble, Ashley Gill, Jordan Hayes, Seyoung Jung, Kathryn Konrad, Heidi Kreis, Bokai Li, Erica Lisowe, Nevada Mareno, Lauren McNamara, Sara Mirek, Matthew Mugeni, Jacob Phillips, Rohith Raman, Zekia Randle, Charnece Reid, Hyoungjun Sim, Jack Van Welzen and Kendall York.

The Junior Marshals most important role is the Graduation Ceremony. At the Graduation Ceremony, the Junior Marshals march the seniors in and out of the stage, and line them up to get their diplomas. Having the Junior Marshals at the ceremony helps the ceremony run smoothly.

Aside from helping with the Graduation Ceremony, Junior Marshals also play a role in the end of school year activities. They help with the Senior Picnic, Senior Assembly, and the Academic Breakfast. Without having Junior Marshals, senior events will not be the same.


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