Never the student choice

The student choice awards are given out at the end of every semester. There is usually only one student choice award per class, though other individual awards are given out also.

It’s that time of year again, those triangle pieces of felt are spotted all over the school with the the big fat letters reading “STUDENT CHOICE.”

The criteria for students choice, as stated on the ballot, reads: has a positive attitude, shows consideration for others and adheres to class policy. Therefore, the deserving nominee for the award would fit or exceed the criteria. But, as many may know, the typical student that walks around with the student choice award doesn’t truly deserve it.

And if you are anything like me, you have never won a Student Choice award your entire high school career. Therefore, as I walk down the halls seeing everyone’s happy face and prideful triangle; I question what it truly means to not be the student choice.

There’s a typical saying in high school: You are more than just a number. Meaning there’s more to you than your grade on Powerschool or your SAT score. I believe that this same concept can be applied to the rest of the class that doesn’t receive that one student choice award–it doesn’t mean you’re not the best. The best meaning you always adhere to class policy, always pays attention and always helps others.

Like most things in high school, stereotypical awards and “superlatives” are usually based on popularity or whoever is the loudest and most well-known. Though many may have an argument against this, and some people do actually receive the deserving student choice award in their class, most student choice awards are given out for students for the wrong reasons.

“Although I may not be the best student as far as grades go, I do believe I bring energy to the classroom that is few and far between. I like to involve everyone and keep the classroom fun,” said Patrick Rice, student choice award winner. “I think just being an overall happy and outgoing person helped, too.”
So what’s next step for student choice? The answer is that nothing will change. The title “Student Choice” shouldn’t change because the award is given to whoever the students in the classroom vote for. But, students must start voting for the nominee that fits the criteria on the ballot to make the award more honest. And if the classroom popularity vote is necessary–make another student choice that reads vote for the the coolest, funniest or most popular student in the class.   


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