Leesville Baseball on road to playoffs

Leesville’s varsity men’s baseball team has recently come off of a three-game winning streak towards the end of their season. The team’s last two games have been high scoring shutouts, with a 8-0 win over Sanderson and a 10-0 win over Enloe. These wins are good for the boys, who are looking to enter the playoffs after their conference season is over.

With only four games left, the boys have to win all of them in order to gain entry into the playoffs.
“We pretty much control our own destiny; we have to win all four games to give ourselves a pretty good shot at playoffs. We started off pretty slow, just trying to figure out what people fit into what spots, and lately in the past 3 games we have figured it out,” said Guy Civitello, head coach for the varsity team.

Since the past two games have been shutouts, pitching has been a very important factor for the team. “Pitching has been extremely important. We have had good starts by Jarod Liens and Noah Latta through an outstanding game at Sanderson,” said Civ.

“We are really buying into what Coach Civ told us in the beginning of the season, which we weren’t doing in the beginning, and I think now we are putting everything together; we are feeling well, we are hitting well and we are pitching well,” said Jack Kaelin, junior on the team.

The team has been putting in lots of work the past couples weeks, practicing everyday with each other. The team also has lots of team dinners and gatherings, which is important for developing a team that plays well together.

“Right off the bat, it [team’s performance] wasn’t exactly what we expected. We had a rough start. But now that we have figured out what we need to do to win ball games, I think we will be able to do that and win our next few games,” said Jarod Liens, junior on the team.

The next four teams the boys play are very competitive, and all four teams are in the race to make it into the playoffs.”They should be good games,” said Civ. “We can win all four, or we can lose all four– it all depends on how we play together.”

The Leesville varsity Men’s Baseball team is on the road to the playoffs, stay tuned and follow them on Twitter (@LRPrideBaseball), or attend the games, to see if they will secure a spot in the playoffs.


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