Leesville holds spring chorus concert

Capital Pride performs during the spring chorus concert. This is the last chorus concert for the 2015-2016 school year. (Photo courtesy of Alapika Jatkar)

Leesville Road High School had its spring chorus concert on Friday, May 13. The concert consisted of performances from all three levels of chorus: Beginner, Intermediate, and Capital Pride.

Typically, freshman are in Beginner chorus, and Intermediate chorus is made up of sophomores with some juniors and seniors. Capital Pride is upperclassmen only, who must audition to become a member.

Each level of chorus performed a set of songs, and each set was broken up by various, more selective, performances. There were performances of combined men’s, women’s, and full group songs.

Leesville has two chorus concerts a year, one in December and one in May. The May concert serves to display what the chorus has been working on all year. On Friday, they sang several songs that they have received awards for in the past.

“[It’s good] to showcase the choir to the school because we do competitions. Usually each choir has two songs in each of their sets that we have been working on all year to compete with,” said Emily Dusablon, a junior at Leesville.

The next concert will be in December, 2016, and will feature the new members of each chorus, as well as Capital Pride’s new student conductors: Nola Baldwin and Colin Dail.


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