The Importance of Traveling

Photo taken over Mt. Rainier by a Leesville student during summer vacation. This is just a small idea of how far Leesville students travel during breaks and vacations.

Throughout the year, the school provides many opportunities and breaks for students to travel. Summer vacation, winter break and spring break are perfect times to get out of the state or even country to experience a culture, and place, you never have before. Although the cost of traveling can be extremely expensive, getting to explore the world is worth every dime life has to offer.

No different than any other year, spring break is the second longest vacation that students are given during the school year, after summer break. The idea of being stress free for a whole week is something students anticipate highly.

To students, this break means the summer is just peaking around the corner better to teenagers in school than completing 75% of yet another school year.

Although Raleigh may be a nice place to spend a break, there is a lot more of the world to explore.

An anonymous author says, “We travel not to escape life but for life not to escape us,” and in retrospect this captures the importance of traveling and exploration.

Callie Boyce, a sophomore at LRHS, visited Nassau, Bahamas this spring break. Boyce said, “I think it’s important to travel around the world outside of where you live because everyone needs to experience and see the outside surroundings that they live in.”

On her trip, Boyce stayed in the Atlantis Paradise Island Resort with her family for 5 days. She said, “I was really excited about my trip. I got to travel to another country and try new things, see new places– it was really cool.”

However, a well-spent spring break doesn’t require a giant trip outside of the state or country. According to a poll ran by The Mycenaean Twitter account, out of the 223 participants, 33% of Leesville students spent their break here in Raleigh.

Such as Colleen Morgan, a sophomore also at LRHS, who stayed in Raleigh, NC for Spring Break. She said, “My Spring break was just as exciting as it would’ve been elsewhere. It’s all about who you spend the break with, but I would’ve liked to go somewhere else.”

According to, Students who travel often are 40% more likely to graduate college with a degree that pays significantly more than their peers who do not.

Not only does the experience of travel benefit education but mental health as well. Traveling provides a sense of getaway and relaxation.

Lauren Jenkins, a junior at Leesville, said, “Vacations (or breaks) are a time for relaxation and time away from school and work and all of my responsibilities.”

This can often be much needed for people who have a lot on their plates with school, a job or perhaps a time consuming sport, too.

Taking a break for yourself to recuperate and get back into focus is extremely important. Working, (in school or work), without breaks will lead to immense amounts of stress which is bad for your mindset, body and mental health in general.

When given the opportunity to travel, it’s advised to take that opportunity and make the most of what it can be.


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