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How to balance life as a teenager: Lab Report

Objective: Find the missing variable in order to balance the equation of life of a teenager. Every person’s answer will be different based on personal opinion and belief.

Introduction: This experiment is going to pick at the obstacles of life as a teenager in order to produce a final solution that will make everyday a little bit easier. The problem, essentially, is having to find a way to balance: school, a job, a sport, and a social life without one aspect overpowering another. While it sounds easy to do on paper, real life is the only practical test. That is where one can point out the successful from the average.

Hypothesis: If you are a partier, odds are that you’ll end up wanting to go out with your friends rather than stay home and study for that chemistry test. The athletic kid will most likely shove off the job because practice is more important and (more than likely) the parents can pay for gas. Someone who is dedicated to their job because they really need the money, doesn’t have the time to go to practice everyday, when they could be making money and having more opportunities to do cool, expensive things or pay for college, insurance, lunch and their own clothes. If you are the type of person that is the happiest when your GPA is the highest, school and homework won’t leave enough time for parties.

Materials Needed:
Support system
Understanding (optional)

Procedure: In order to produce successful results, you’ll need to obtain all of the materials shown above. Once you have all of the materials, the problem will be easier to execute. Next, you will use a trial-and- error method to test the correct amounts of school, work, sports, and social life that fits your personal life style. This can take more time or less time based on the person, but do not cut yourself short if you do not feel completely comfortable. It is recommended that you try all the possible options before making a decision. The most important part of the experiment is being able to keep all of the materials throughout the entire procedure. The different amounts of each material can vary, such as if you have a good support system, but you don’t have as much motivation, you will still be able to be encouraged by friends and family making the problem easier to conquer.

Data: Throughout this experiment, your data will consist of how your life changes throughout the different trials done. Meaning that you will notice things such changes in your relationships with friends. Not everyone in your life now will be able to handle having to be put second under school, work, or sports. This is where your understanding has to come into play. You will need to decide what elements of your life are worth losing or not. Of course this doesn’t mean never talk to your friends again but it means to take into account which friends truly care about you and which friends you truly care about. Unplanned situation will occur and how you handle these obstacles will impact your final results.

Results: Ultimately, when you have finally found your balanced equation, things in life should come easier to you. They might not necessarily be easier but how you are able to handle them will be easier. Your final results cannot be perfectly predicted but that’s also the beauty of growing up.

Conclusion: By now, you should have found the missing piece in your balancing equation. Whether you had to give up a little time at lunch for homework, or skip a party for a tournament, the good should outweigh the bad. If that’s not the case for you, your equation just isn’t perfectly balanced yet but it can only be fixed with time. In high school, it feels like there is never enough time to do anything and the struggles of being a student just pile up. While time is of the essence, it’s always okay to take a step back, relax and reevaluate where you are. And with time — I promise time will slow down.

You can do this.


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