Will the Carolinas Ever Win it All?

After their loss at the NCAA tournament championship, Kennedy Meeks (left) comforts his teammate Brice Johnson (right). This isn’t the only time this year a North or South Carolina team has experienced a loss in the championship game.

North and South Carolina have both stepped up their game in terms of athletics, whether it be collegiate or professional sports. There’s just one thing wrong with all of this–no team could go all the way and win it all.

Throughout the 2015-2016 year, North Carolina and South Carolina have sent five teams to the postseason championship: Clemson football (2016), Carolina Panthers (2016), University of North Carolina men’s basketball (2016), and the Charlotte Hornets (2016).

Clemson, located in the outskirts of South Carolina, was fortunate enough to put together an impressive 12-0 regular season record. Clemson football also managed to blow by competition in the post-season playoffs, up until the final game in the college football championship. Their final game was hard fought, but it wasn’t enough to overcome Alabama. Clemson lost 45-40.

The Carolina Panthers, much like Clemson, put together a spectacular regular season record in the NFL, winning 15 regular season games and losing only one. Led by their fearless quarterback, Cam Newton, the Panthers were able to take make it to Super Bowl 50. Carolinians, overcome with excitement, became hopeful that their team might actually bring home the Lombardi trophy for the first time in 22 years. Unfortunately, the Panthers were defeated by the Denver Broncos, losing 24-10. This was only their second loss of the season, but this wasn’t a normal loss– this was the Super Bowl.

Basketball at the University of North Carolina was the talk of the town, even before the season started. UNC was ranked number one out of all division one colleges in the country. The Tar Heels lived up to the standards placed on them by their fans, putting together a 14 and 4 regular season record. Going into the NCAA college basketball tournament, UNC had a number one seed spot. Breezing through the competition, the Tar Heels made it to the the National Championship with ease; their opponents would be the Villanova Wildcats. UNC lost by a buzzer beater three pointer shot by a Villanova guard; the final score was 77-74.

Finally, the Charlotte Hornets have never been the best team in the NBA, but regardless, Carolinians stand behind them whether they are winning or losing. The team finished the season with a mediocre record winning 48 and losing 34. This was enough for the team to make the postseason playoffs where they would face the Miami Heat, lead by Dwyane Wade. The Hornets got off to a good lead, winning the first three games out of a seven game series. One more win was needed to advance to the next round, but the team couldn’t pull themselves together; the Heat won four straight games along with the seven game series.

There will come a year that sports teams of the Carolinas will bring home a trophy and make their state proud. Nevertheless win, lose or tie these teams will always make the Carolinas proud.


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