• February 27, 2020

Baseball Season Begins

Major League Baseball started Spring Training the weekend of February 22 amidst cheating scandals from the 2017 and 2019 seasons. While these scandals have caused major outrage among fans, teams

The Death Of Leesville’s Club Community

For a number of years, Leesville Road High School has operated under the SMART Lunch schedule: a school-wide lunch period just shy of an hour long where all classrooms are

Beach Bunny’s Honeymoon Review

For a lucky few, Valentine’s Day is a holiday for spending time with their partner. For the rest of us suckers, we gorge ourselves on heart-shaped candy, get gifts for

College 101

On Monday, January 6 the Leesville PTSA had a general meeting. Following this general meeting was a “college panel”: five Leesville alumni who are current college students answering questions about