Career & College Promise

Career & College Promise, run by Wake Tech Community College, is an opportunity for high school students to begin college-level courses. The admission process for the 2024 summer and fall semesters was just released. (Screenshot by Cameron Broer)

As high school students think about their future college plans, many decide to take college courses during high school. The College and Career Promise, through Wake Tech Community College, is a common pathway taken by Leesville students. 

As defined by Wake Tech, the ¨Career & College Promise (CCP) program offers eligible high school students the opportunity to earn credits toward a college degree or a credential for employment – tuition-free. In many cases, students earn dual credit, meeting high school graduation requirements with college courses.¨

These courses can be taken in addition to, or in replacement of high school classes. The program allows students to enroll in classes while also having a full high school schedule, or to opt out of a high school course to take a CCP class.

The application process was released on March 1, 2024, for the upcoming summer and fall semester classes. The deadline for summer enrollment is April 26, and the deadline for fall semester enrollment is July 19. 

The Career & College Promise organization can be utilized by all high school students who meet the requirements. Requirements vary between different grade levels, such as GPA, recommendations, and test scores.

Leesville students are able to find specific instructions and advice on the Leesville website, under Pride News. 

Students are also recommended to speak to their assigned counselor or Mr. Greene, the Dean of Students, when signing up for CCP classes. 


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