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Lucia Namey, a freshman at Leesville, uses the Leesville Road Public Library to help prepare for an upcoming English seminar. Getting out of the house into a new environment allows her to study more efficiently. (Photo courtesy of Siena Trainor)

Leesville students are always looking for new and exciting places to study. With the second semester in full swing, motivation levels can start to dwindle. Slacking off occurs more frequently and grades start to slip. Students can become overwhelmed and stressed to cram their assignments in on time before the year ends.

Exams are earlier in the second semester than they are in the first semester. This causes classes at Leesville Road to have faster-paced courses with shorter time to complete assignments. Emma Thomas, sophomore said, “I think in first semester I have more motivation to get stuff done. It’s the beginning of the year and a fresh start. I feel like I can get too comfortable in second semester and my grades are affected by that.”

Finding new study spots can help students have a better second semester. According to, “our brain often associates what we learn with the environment in which we learn it. We can create multiple associations by varying our study locations, which might aid recall.”  Context-dependent memory is just one way that changing locations can help increase grades.

Here are some local study spots Leesville students frequent.

  • Public Libraries — Leesville and Duraleigh

Libraries provide a quiet and focused environment for students to get work done with minimal distractions. A wide range of resources are readily available at visitor’s fingertips. Ranging from books, research materials, and even online databases to help with studies. Most libraries have designated study areas and sometimes even private study rooms where work can be done without interruptions.

  • Cafes — Nora, Starbucks, and Panera

Cafes and restaurants are another good options for study. They provide a cozy and comfortable atmosphere that can help students stay relaxed and focused. For students who thrive in active or busier environments, cafes can offer a good noise balance without being too loud.  Lillie Baker, freshman, said,  “When I study I love going to Starbucks because I am able to get a lot of work done and focus there. I always order my favorite drink to help too. ” And of course, students can order food and drinks to help with motivation or give them an energy boost. 

  • Outdoor Settings

Sometimes switching it up and working outside can increase productivity. “Getting fresh air in your system can lead to higher energy levels due to more oxygen in the blood and brain. With more energy, you have a sharper mind and body that allows you to work harder, relax, and relieve stress.” Some of these spaces could include parks, gardens, outdoor seating areas, or even a porch.

With the end of the school year nearing, all students are starting to experience the effects of senioritis. Implementing new study locations into your routine may just increase your motivation and grades.


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