Last UNCG live review

Taken is a screenshot of the SOAR image, provided by the UNCG panel. Out of my past reviews on UNCG live broadcasts this one was my favorite. (Photo Courtesy Cierra Short)

In the past several months as a Newspaper staff writer, I’ve written three articles about the school I will be attending in the fall. I chose to review the live broadcastings and meetings I had the pleasure attending. With my satisfaction of attending the University of North Carolina at Greensboro I’ve come to write my last review.

On May 13th, 2019 UNCG hosted one of their last live broadcastings pertaining to the upcoming fall semester for freshman students. The live broadcasting was based of a UNCG-hosted event called SOAR! Which is the two day Spartan Orientation for incoming freshman students.

During the live broadcast,academic advisers as well as UNCG panel experts guided viewers on what to expect when attending SOAR and tips on what to bring to SOAR. Viewers also learned what they will be doing at SOAR and tips on how to be most successful when completing advising and registration.

Of course at the end of the live broadcasting,the panel was open to questions, which was the most helpful part. One of my favorite things the academic advisers mentioned that would be taking place at SOAR was getting to know campus. As a freshman getting to know campus is most important.

The recent live broadcasting UNCG provided was very helpful in getting me prepared for SOAR. I enjoyed hearing some of the panels experiences at SOAR as well as gaining knowledge on what SOAR actually meant to me as an upcoming student.

In my current role I’ve enjoyed writing about my begging encounters with UNCG, so if you are interested on hearing about any of my other experiences click the links below !


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