Prom Consignment

Shown is a picture of the front of the boutique. I adore the way the shop is set up, and I am glad I chose Prom Consignment. (Photo Courtesy of Cierra Short)

Every girl’s dream resides in picking out the perfect prom dress. Whether the dress be a big princess ball gown or a form-fitting sequined gown, there’s a dress unique to each girl’s size. Most girls enjoy venturing out for a prom dress, but some girls resent the process. But what happens to the perfect dress after the night’s over?

Most girls throw their once worn dresses into their closets and wait till next prom season to try to resell them. Through good-old Facebook, my mother found a solution I think every girl should consider.

Located in Cary is a prom dress consignment store that buys and sells dresses. Due to other events that take place year-round utilizing prom dresses, such as for a military ball or a formal, the store is open year-long.

The store is a small boutique, initially run out of the owner’s home as well as pop-up shops during the Prom and Formal seasons. I had the opportunity to sell two of my very own dresses.

I tried on several beautiful dresses and really enjoyed my experience at the consignment store. The owner that assisted me was very helpful and even gave input on helping me with my final dress decision. With selling two of my dresses, the cost of the dress I was buying decreased, making my bank account even happier.


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