UNCG meeting

Captured is an image of my new UNC-Greensboro Spartan keychain. I scored this through my meeting with the Assistant Director of Admissions at UNC-Greensboro, Claire King, as an act of kindness. (Photo courtesy of Cierra Short)

Wednesday, March 13, I had the opportunity to actually sit, discuss, and have casual conversation with a University of North Carolina at Greensboro Assistant Director of Admissions. With the opportunity I am grateful and even more excited about my decision to attend UNC-Greensboro. The fact that a Director of Admissions took the time out to personally answer my questions and concerns gives me a sense of gratitude and confidence in the University.

Over the the past few weeks UNC-Greensboro hosted a series of live broadcasts to answer questions students were dealing with, as well as talk about upcoming events or even showing off some of their dorms on campus. These live broadcasts were useful but amongst them all, meeting with Claire King, Assistant Director of Admissions, was by far my favorite. Meeting with her was more exciting and useful than the campus tour I attended last fall.

King answered all my questions and concerns and even shared some of her knowledge about the university, since she is an alum of UNC-Greensboro. The meeting took place at a local Starbucks and was very convenient for me since I was coming from my shift at work.

My mom also attended the meeting alongside me and was very satisfied as well. All her questions resulted in fantastic answers and she became elated hearing about the awesome experiences King had while at UNC-Greensboro. King notified me and my mom, while elaborating on the event UNCG Destination taking place at UNC-Greensboro this weekend.

As an upcoming college freshman I hold my concerns about the university I am attending valuable. So far UNC Greensboro has made my concerns a priority and I am greatly appreciative for Claire King’s guidance through the process. If you have any concerns or regards to the University of North Carolina at Greensboro, do not hesitate to shoot Claire King, Assistant Director of Admissions, an email with the address provided below.



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