UNCG Facebook Live Q&A Review

Captured is a screenshot from a UNCG campus tour video. UNCG posted other videos similar to the Q&A live broadcast on the UNCG official Youtube channel. (Photo Courtesy of Cierra Short)

Colleges want students to feel as comfortable as possible when it comes to selection time. Students oftentimes bombard universities with questions to make sure they choose the best fit . January 23, the University of North Carolina at Greensboro had a distinct way for answering students’ questions.

At seven in the evening on January 23, the official UNCG Facebook page broadcasted live their  Q&A. The live broadcasting was intended for its newest admitted students who had unanswered questions regarding UNCG. Answering the questions where current students as well as admission reps.

Earlier in the week, prior to the live broadcast admitted students, such as myself, received a notification through email. To reach a greater population of students, the University also advertised the live broadcast on their official social media pages.

During the live broadcast, I learned what to expect in the upcoming months from UNCG, what UNCG is like from a students perspective, and advice when it comes to selecting UNCG as the final college you want to attend.

As an immensely interested student in UNCG, I was very satisfied in the live broadcasting.

The information the admission reps and current students provided made me feel more comfortable in choosing UNCG as my college. My biggest concern, as well as others, was FASFA release dates. FASFA stands for Free Application for Federal Student Aid. According to the admission reps,the University of North Carolina at Greensboro will release financial aid packages to admitted students in late February or early March.

Many students and parents watching the live broadcast had similar concerns to mine which also made me feel comfortable in knowing I wasn’t the only one. If you are interested in UNCG, I would highly recommend watching videos presented on their official YouTube page due to the live broadcasting now being over. Provided below is a link to the official Youtube page.




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