A Crowded Murphy

Caption: Students beginning to crowd as they exit/enter the Leesville Road High Murphy building. (photo courtesy of Asis Johnson)

Leesville Road High School’s campus contains two buildings. Each building holds several classes for students to attend. One of the two buildings is the Murphy building; it is connected to the main building of LRHS and tends to get crowded.

The Murphy Building has three entrances into the building–one of which has recently been locked to follow a new school safety policy. Students coming from the main building or students that may already be in the Murphy building struggle to get from class to class. “It’s awful, I literally hate it [crowding of the Murphy building]. I’m late to class almost every day,” said Paige Banks–a sophomore at Leesville Road High.

The main crowding area of the Murphy Building tends to be in the area of the main entrance/exit. The quickest way to get from the Murphy Building to the main building is out of the main entrance/exit. Since students need to get to class at a certain time, of course they decide that they will go the way that they believe is the quickest. Although, the main entrance/exit is closest to the main building, the traffic slows down students. It would take an equal amount of time to exit through either of the two side doors as would to exit out of the main entrance/exit because of the major back up.

In order to solve the issue Leesville could take two main approaches. One of which would include informing all students of the different exits. The exits exist but not all students know that they are there–especially underclassmen. Leesville could inform the students of the different exits/routes to get to each building by including the information in the morning announcements. The school could also create exits signs on the walls that lead students to the different doorways to leave the building.

There is also a more extensive solution to the crowding issue. The second solution is to add a second double doorway that leads to the classroom locations. There is currently an office to the right of the one doorway that Leesville has but if the wall were to be knocked down there would be room for an extra doorway. A second doorway would give students more room to walk in as well as walk out of the building, to get to their classes on time.

Crowding is an issue that can simply be fixed with either or both suggested solutions.


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