Review: Bikini Body Guide

Kayla Itsines has several playlists on YouTube for those looking to be active. Her recipe book as well as her full workout plan can be purchased from her website. (Photo courtesy of Natalie Gore)

Although the gym is supposed to be good for you, I’ve always had rather strong suspicion about exercising amongst others. Not only is it unnerving, but visiting a fitness center is time consuming and sometimes inconvenient. When I stumbled upon BBG, I knew that I discovered a way to avoid the gym and still exercise comfortably.

BBG, short for Bikini Body Guide, is a fitness plan created by Kayla Itsines. The Australian trainer created the guide in 2012, yet it has exploded through social media among young women over the past year. Over 12 weeks, hundreds of females have seen results from a simple but strenuous workout schedule and eating plan.

Many weight loss plans call for visits to the gym almost every day in a week. BBG has just three workout videos a week that are adaptable to any open space, inside or out. I find Itsines’s plan so convenient for myself because as a busy student, I can still complete the exercises. Taking a 30 minute study break allows me to complete the entire video, work up a good sweat, and release some endorphins.

As well as being timely convenient, the program is completely free. For a high school student with about $6 in my bank account, the idea of “free” is always appealing. As long as I can find some form of access to YouTube, the videos are completely free and easy to find as well. Those looking for something a bit more intense will have no problem, though. Itsines sells much more engaged, daily workout program through her website.

Lastly, this workout plan is appealing to me because of the way that it is planned out. The videos exercise a different muscle group everyday so that nothing is overused or hurt. Arms and abs, legs, and full body are the three target areas. After a week passes, I feel stronger, lighter, and surprisingly more energized.  

Overall, the Bikini Body Guide wins my 10/10 review. The plan is practical, affordable, convenient, and encouraging. As many juniors will attest to, the third year of high school is not a period of a lot of free time, but this workout still manages to fit into my busy schedule.


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