Senior Class Wall Design Competition


The Junior Student Council is currently holding a competition for the design of the class of 2011 Senior Wall.

Since the competition started on Tuesday, May 11, no designs have been submitted.

Designs should display school and class spirit, school diversity, creativity and originality. Submissions should be submitted to Mrs. Amerson (room 1206) on 12 X 18 paper by Friday, May 25, for junior class review.

“My suggestion would be to work in teams,” said Mrs. Amerson,  junior class advisor.  “If one person has a creative idea, and another has artistic ability, they should work together to make a great design.”

After the junior class council selects the winning design, they will choose a date near the end of summer to paint the wall. The wining designer is required to come to the painting day in order to direct the future senior’s painting and to help the design be reflected onto the wall in the most accurate manner.

“A good senior wall design is very important. It’s the senior’s mark on the school and it shows the student body who we are as a class,” said Grant Do, junior and next year’s executive class secretary.


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