The Golden Years, Joshua Basset’s side of the story

The cover of Joshua Bassett's new single. The song is available on all music streaming sites. (Photo Courtesy of Daniela Plata)

Joshua Basset is best known as a musician and an actor but plans to release his first album on July 26. This past Friday, May 17, he dropped one of the first singles of the album, “The Golden Years.”

Bassett starred alongside Olivia Rodrigo in the Disney+ hit show High School Musical, The Musical, The Series. The two had a relationship outside of the show. Their real life relationship ended in harsh feelings between the two actors.

Olivia Rodrigo came out with the album Sour in 2021, with many of the songs referencing Basset and the relationship between the two.  

On this same album, Rodrigo called out Sabrina Carpenter for her relationship with Basset during the while he was dating Rodrigo. Carpenter came out with songs as a response to the allegations from Rodrigo.

Throughout all this, Basset mainly stayed silent, until a few months later, when he came out with several singles, many of which had references to both Carpenter and Rodrigo. 

It’s been years since all of this occurred, with most of the issues fizzling out, but Bassett’s new album is expected to be a rebuttal to the songs previously released by both Rodrigo and Carpenter.

The first single released is “Golden Years” and discusses his feelings regarding a specific person. The song has an upbeat melody and lyrics that can be related to many who are in love or are in love. 

The song discusses memories of a time when Basset experienced love and follows his reminisce in these memories. While Basset doesn’t name the person he is discussing in this song, he says “Oh how I’m missing those brown eyes,” said Basset. 

Fans have interpreted these lyrics in different ways but nonetheless are looking forward to seeing what else Bassett creates on his new album.


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