Unsung Heroes of Leesville Road High School

A poster was made by students in appreciation of the staff. It was hung by the main stairwell during teacher appreciation week.(Photo Courtesy of Daniela Plata)

This year National Teacher Appreciation Week was held from May 5 to May 10. At Leesville Road High School, teachers were honored with cake, posters, and breakfast. Not all of the faculty here at Leesville are teachers, these members of the faculty sometimes get forgotten in all of the hustle and bustle of a regular day in high school.

7:25, classes start here at Leesville, but not all students who will attend school throughout the day are in class at this time. 

Some students arrive at school late for a variety of reasons. Whether it’s an appointment or waking up late, all the students must go to the attendance office where they will see Ms. Rodgers.

Ms. Rodgers started working here this year. “I look forward to seeing them every morning, late or after an appointment, but I’m always happy to see them.:

“Just being a friendly face and getting to say, ‘everything going to be ok, everyone is late’, and help them get to class and do their best,” said Tina Rodgers, staff. Mrs. Rodgers greets all students with a smile. She works in the attendance office making sure students can get to where they need as soon as possible.

10:30 – 12:42 During this time of the day, students attend their lunch and third period, but in two different waves. This means that the Lunch Ladies have to make lunch two times so that all of the students who want a hot lunch can have one. 

“Seeing the kids come at lunchtime, getting to see how they enjoy themselves at lunch, and just coming in to make the food every day for them,” said Jennifer Buck, staff.

Ms Buck has worked here for 22 years. Throughout that time, she has formed many relationships with students. Through these relationships, she has learned a lot about the students. “I prefer to make chicken sandwiches for y’all, ’cause I know you guys love your chicken sandwiches,” said Buck.

Ms. Buck’s relationship with students spans far further than just knowing what they prefer for lunch, she provides students with advice that can last a lifetime. 

“Coming into school and know what your plans are going to be when you leave, because as I told one child, the world out there is ugly, and if you do not have a plan and know what you’re gonna do if you’re gonna go to school,  or if you’re going to work if you do not have that your gonna fail. I told this to one student a long time ago, and he says he still thinks about that,” said Buck.

1:30 ish

Lisa Mejia, the receptionist at the front desk these past two years, does a lot of work at Leesville. 

Speaking both English and Spanish, Ms. Meijia answers questions, phone calls and emails from students, parents and admin. She also helps students find other admin, and checks students out of school if they have appointments or are feeling sick. 

“Students are my favorite and most challenging part,” said Ms. Mejia. Even when she is busy handling many people and jobs she said. “I do everything with love and you can ask me anything.” 

It is amazing to have such a warm person working in the main office to welcome students, parents and admin. Ms. Mejia wants the students to know “If they can dream it they can do it.” said Mejia.

2:18-3:00 — At the end of the school day the library is open to any students, as a quiet and welcoming space for students after school. “My favorite part of my job is talking to students about books and connecting them with a book they will enjoy,” said Mrs. Fields, staff.

“The library is open to everyone and we want to provide whatever the students and staff need,” said Ms. Fields. While most students only go to the library to get a book for their English class, it is open to students all throughout the day. Whether in the morning at lunch or after school, students meet with friends or do their homework.  

“I wish students knew that the library we are a resource specifically for them and we can help them with a variety of things not just checking out a book,” said Ms. Fields. The librarians check out and put away books, help students find references, use the online database, and research new books to add to the library. 

The library is also a place for students to read, do puzzles and relax. 

These amazing staff members do so much for the school. Leesville would not function without them, and while they are not celebrated with a national week of celebration, we appreciate them and their hard work everyday.


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