Who even cares about college baseball?

Duke baseball held a viewing party for the NCAA baseball selection special. The whole team was in attendance as well as coaches and videographers for the selection special. (Photo Courtesy of Daniela Plata)

Every Memorial Day the NCAA runs a selection special for D1 college baseball. The teams in the selection special change from year to year, as the selection special shows what teams made it into the NCAA championship. This is broadcast on ESPN for anyone to watch, but who cares about it?

Not many people watch the selection special, “I didn’t even know this was a thing or existed until you asked me about it,” said Brian Adronavitch, junior. 

Only the 64 Division One teams included in the bracket, all of their fan bases, and anyone else interested in the championship watch the show, not nearly enough to be deemed “important” or “Popular”.

The selection show is not important in any way shape or form, it only lets the teams know where they are going for the NCAA championship and who they are playing. The information that is broadcasted on this special can easily be found elsewhere after the special airs. 

The results of this selection special have nothing to do with the championship anyway, it doesn’t give the teams any information needed to succeed, or reasons why they should go and play these teams. The players have to rely on pure instinct during the game, so it doesn’t even matter who they play or where.

The teams in the championship have relied on their pure instinct to get them thus far in the season, and that instinct is what will get eight teams to the Men’s College World Series in Omaha Nebraska. 

This selection special and college baseball, in general, is far less important here at Leesville, especially considering we have 3 local college teams in the championship. Of those two teams, three are hosting other teams on their campus for this championship, providing Leesville students with lots to do as summer begins.

“I’d rather take out the garbage and have it spill out all over me than go watch the college championship,” said Adronavitch. No students at all will be attending these games and have no interest in college baseball, AT ALL.


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