On Friday, Apr 19, Ms. Presti’s apparel and textile production students took a field trip to the North Carolina State campus for the Apparel schools' TEX Day. Photo used with permission of Ms. Presti.

TEX Day celebrates innovation, creativity, and collaboration within the apparel industry. The students and staff convene to showcase the latest advancements and trends in the textile field.

On campus, the students took a tour of the Wilson College of Textiles, participated in a lab, and ended with lunch. 

Tour Guides showed the classrooms, labs, and work areas on the tour. 

Students saw the machinery, fabrics, and all the materials provided to the students of Wilson College. 

“The abundance of fabric, thread, and machinery was crazy; they are open to so many options and variations of equipment,” said Addison Lorey, junior.

The student instructors Jack and Ashley, students at Wilson College of Textiles, opened with a speech explaining the different career paths and choices in the apparel industry.

Afterward, the students started an activity using fabric, ping pong balls, and other materials to make a “hot air balloon” and held a contest on whose “balloon” stayed in the air for the longest.

Next, the students went into a lab to participate in a ‘Fiber Burn’ lab. In the lab, the students were instructed to take a small piece of fiber and see the reaction of the fiber to a flame. Photo used with permission of Ms. Presti.

The students worked with fibers like cotton, rayon, wool, nylon, polyester, and acrylic. They were able to see and smell the fibers reacting to a flame and then record it on paper. 

Following the lab, the instructors took the group of students around the Wilson College campus. 

“The campus was so pretty We toured the library, too, and that was so cool to see,” said Emily Mauro, junior. 

Taking them to the top floor to the basement, the students saw the collaborative classrooms with funky furniture and artwork in every corner, to the basement machinery with the creativity of free will.

All of the basement labs are full access for 24 hours; many of the tour guides praised the idea of pulling all-nighters on many projects, perfecting the garment. 

After the day, the students enjoyed a nice lunch and then headed back to school. 



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