Leesville 7 on 7

Triangle 7 on 7, is a league that hosts 7 on 7 games. LRHS is a part of this league. (Photo courtesy of Triangle 7 on 7)

Even with the football season coming to a close, students can look forward to seeing more football in the coming days. Although tickets and games are hosted through a separate party.

How it works

“You have 7 guys on offense and 7 guys on defense. Basically, it’s just football without contact, and there’s no pressure, so it’s just a lot more fun and you can play out of position a little bit,” said Deiondre Goldston, junior. 

The idea is for players to play football, without the danger of getting hit or injured.

“You can’t be really as aggressive as you can in tackle football. There’s a 4 second clock when you can throw the ball or not,” said Kevin Holt, junior.

There are also some league-dependent rules involved with 7 on 7. 

Goldston said, “Some of the softer leagues you can’t like be as physical; you can’t put your hands on people and things like that. You have to touch; you can’t like push people to the ground and like hurt them.”

“You’re not allowed to press after initial contact. It’s by touch to get somebody down and there’s a center that sits in the middle and just throws the ball back,” said Christian Shaw, junior.

Leesville’s team

Of course, LRHS is involved with these 7 on 7 events, and the players love it.

“It’s just fun. It’s competitive, and I just love talking to people and meeting new people,” said Holt, a wide receiver and defensive back for the team.  “I mainly play wide receiver because that’s something I liked playing as a kid when I was growing up. DB is just something I was put at when I came to Leesville, and I just learned it over time.”

Players also get involved because they want to improve their skills in tackle football. “[I got involved] to get me better at covering people for actual football, and to grow chemistry with my teammates,” said Shaw, a linebacker for the team, “I like [linebacker] because it’s in the middle of the field and I get to kinda control everything.”

The team is not short on chemistry by any means. “I enjoy playing 7 on 7 because I love football, and it’s just a great time to hang with friends and do something on the weekend during the off-season,” said Goldston, quarterback for team pride, “I love playing quarterback because I’ve been playing it my whole life and I like throwing the ball to people.”

There is more 7 on 7 football to come in the future, and it’s definitely something worth checking out for students interested in off-season football and for athletes who want to improve their game or just have some fun on the field.


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