Upcoming fashion trends this summer

The seasons are changing, and so are the upcoming fashion trends. There will be many different fits seen this spring and summer. (Photo courtesy of rawpixel.com)

There are many different styles that you may see when you’re out and about on the streets. You may see the basic  Lululemon fit, grunge (emo), streetwear, or athletic wear.

But what trendy pieces will be popular amongst teens this summer? There will be many different trends among the different styles this summer.

Here are some trendy pieces for each style:

Basic Summer fits

(Photo courtesy: @fitsbyerin)

If you’re going for a basic outfit for hanging out with your friends this could be the perfect match. 

The basic crop or tube top and some jeans shorts are an original summer combo. While there isn’t much to this outfit, accessories and a nice pair of sneakers or sandals could take this fit to the next level.

A basic outfit for a guy could include some nice shorts and a T-shirt the brand doesn’t matter.

Lululemon Summer fits

(Photo courtesy: lululemon.com)

Lululemon has released some new colorways for their summer items including their shorts, short sleeve tops, sports bras, and skirts.

These new releases have a nice vibrant pop of color that is perfect for the summer vibe.

For the Lulu girls or guys, a set or mismatch of any kind can be paired with a pair of white on clouds.

If you want to switch things up a little bit, pair one of these outfits with a pair of new balances. 

Emo/Grunge summer fits

(Photo courtesy of Gabriella Cueto)

If you are going for the emo look this summer be prepared to be hot. Although it may be extremely hot outside depending on the location, that’s not an excuse to have an ugly outfit. 

Since it is summer the combinations may be slightly different. Starting with some bottoms for the girls there will be some layering.

A fishnet legging is the way to go for the first layer and on top of that a mini skirt. For tops, a baby tee or crop top would suffice.

For the guys some long black baggy pants along with an oversized tee. 

Streetwear summer fits

(Photo courtesy of @fitsbyerin)

There are many different types of streetwear. There are some pieces that both the girls and guys can wear. Football / soccer jerseys are going to be a must.

An oversized long tee, a potato bag hoodie, and jorts will be popular amongst the streetwear community. Jorts will be the statement piece of almost every streetwear outfit. 

Many different shoes could be worn with these fits except for sandals or flip-flops which wouldn’t fit the vibe.

If you are ready to go into summer with some new outfits take a look at this guide.  


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