Teacher spotlight: Mrs. Yost

Two generations of N.C. State students Mrs. Yost (left) and her daughter Laney (right). Mrs. Yost is the math III Honors and math 4 teacher at Leesville Road High School. (Photo courtesy of Spencer Margaret Johnson)

Mrs. Yost is one of seven math teachers to only teach at Leesville Road High School for her whole career. 

When people think of a great math teacher at Leesville Road High School, many names come to mind but only a very limited number of teachers are as great as Yost. 

Mrs. Yost has been working at Leesville Road High School now for 23 years. Growing up in Mount Olive, North Carolina, Yost after high school attended NC State University where she majored in secondary mathematics. 

Yost has taught all different types of math including algebra 1, algebra 2, geometry, intro to college math, discrete, math plus, honors math 3, and math 4 but her favorite math to teach is math 3 honors. 

“I like Math 3 honors the most because it allows me to connect with the students. Most of the students in math 3 honors enjoy math. I’m not sure I’m the reason but it does make it very enjoyable to teach a class that is engaged,” said Yost. 

Yost comes from a long line of teachers, both her mom and dad taught school. 

“Both of my parents were teachers — my dad a college English professor and my mom a middle school teacher. It’s all I really knew at the time. I also was a lifeguard and taught swim lessons and enjoyed that teaching aspect. I had a high school math teacher that I loved, and it made me love math, so I decided to become a math teacher,” said Mrs. Yost. 

While observing Yost’s classes, her attentiveness to students is extremely evident. Making sure the students understand the material is something that Yost finds very important. As mentioned by Mrs. Barrow, she really does take care of her students. 

“I have worked with Yost my entire career. We taught algebra 2 together. She really does work hard to make things better. She always wants to understand the why behind the math to make it so the students can better understand the math. She also makes sure she is preparing her students for the next level. Jenny (ironically Mrs. Barrow says) loves her students and her colleagues and wants to see all of them be successful,” said Mrs. Barrow.

The students in Yost’s class seem to actually enjoy math. Many students are seen leaving her class with a smile on their face.

“Mrs. Yost is a very engaging teacher. She also makes class really fun and enjoyable as a student. Whenever I go to math class, I actually want to. Making the class fun makes it so much easier to learn,” said Sawyer Lisk, sophomore. 

Making teaching look easy and fun, Yost is a great math teacher who is loved by both her students and coworkers at Leesville Road High School.


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