Stanley Cups

Stanley cups are the new popular item on the market. High school students enjoy the convenience and appearance of the Stanleys. (Photo courtesy of Cameron Broer)

In past years, brands such as Yeti and Hydroflask have dominated the insulated water bottle market but recently, the Stanley cup has overtaken the industry.

The popular Stanley brand has been around since 1913 but, recently has seen an uproar in sales. In late 2022, Stanley tumblers rose in popularity among influencers and throughout social media platforms, influencing others to purchase the trending item. 

The Stanley tumblers took over the scene as they began to be known for their durability, shape, and admirability. 

Alyssa Deberry, sophomore, said, ¨I like my Stanley because it keeps my water cold, and the ice stays frozen for a long time when I use it.¨

A common mindset in society, is the idea of self care through hydration. Many people find themselves more apt to drink water from a favorable cup, rather than a disliked one. This mentality results in Stanleys becoming even more popular, especially amongst high schoolers. 

¨I drink more water when I use my Stanley because it is cute, so it makes me want to drink more,¨ said Deberry.

Another popular societal influence is the concern surrounding the environment, especially through the toxins found in plastic water bottles. These chemicals and long lasting effects draw people towards reusable water bottles, and away from single use plastic. 

Stanley sales continue to increase, alongside the growing hype. Throughout high schools in America, not just Leesville, countless numbers of Stanleys, in all their different sizes and colors, can be found. 


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