Mental Health Awareness Club

Club members are seen playing a fun brain game called “Helium Hoop”. A game designed to increase communication, teamwork, and critical thinking skills. (used by permission from Jayden Camilio)

The LRHS Mental Health Awareness Club hosted its third meeting on Thursday, February first, 2024. This fun, easy-going club meets once a month and is always welcoming new members.

Jayden Camilo, president, and his club officers, Autumn Benish, Savannah Bouleris, and Lilly Lesher, ensure their meetings run smoothly. 

“I started the Mental Health Awareness Club because high schoolers really don’t have good mental health. We have multiple things to worry about. Not only do we have to worry about academics but also social [life], and where we belong…” said Camilo a sophomore. 

At meetings, they play games that help members connect, bond, and de-stress in hopes of creating an inclusive environment for all students. 

In their recent meeting, the club members played a mind game where a person leaves the room, and the group picks an object in the room for the person to guess. The catch is that the person guesses the object right every time. The goal is for the club to work together to determine how the person is guessing correctly each time.

Autumn Benish, sophomore, said “I love how laid back the club is and how we all are very welcoming. You can talk to any of the group members about anything you wish and they will always listen.”

In the future, the Mental Health Awareness Club wants to incorporate more of the student body and form a community where we can all grow together. 

Make sure to join them for their next meeting in March! Follow on Instagram for updates!


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