LRHS — Health care high school opportunity 

William Colombo is a junior at Leesville Road High and takes Health Science II. Colombo is learning about blood pressure and how to use a sphygmomanometer. (Photo courtesy of Meonna Sloan)

According to the Mycenaean News instagram %50 of students at Leesville Road High School want to work in the medical field. At Leesville, there are many opportunities for students who want to work in the medical field. There are different classes students can take with electives to help them educate themselves or give them the first step towards working in the medical field.

Health Science 

Health science is a class at Leesville that is taught by Susan Ennis. Health science has 3 different levels that students can take. 

First is the foundation of health science which teaches students the basics of medicine and learn different material like medical terms, Medicare/medicaid, history of medicine, etc. 

After students take foundation of health science they can take health science 1 and students learn about the human body systems like the muscular system, lymphatic system, urinary system, etc. 

The last level students can take after health science 1 is health science 2. With health science 2 there are more projects and mainly focus on the respiratory and circulatory system. 


Hosa is a Leesville club that students can take that involves learning about certain jobs in the medical field. 

“HOSA is an organization for Future Health Professionals! High school students have the ability to learn and experience more of the medical field through competing in events,” said Makayla Moore over via text messages, a junior who is a member of Hosa and is the service project manager for Hosa. 

Hosa is another way students who are interested in the medical field can learn more about the field and different types of jobs they can have.

“I definitely recommend HOSA because I was able to meet so many others like me and create new friendships!” said Moore over via messages.

Sport Medicine 

Sports medicine is another class that students can take at Leesville that is also for students who are interested in helping other people. 

Erin Ford teaches sports medicine 1, 2, 3, and 4. In order to get in sports medicine 1 must complete health/PE requirements. 

Students also have a chance to become a sports medicine assistant, and they help out the athletic trainer during games. The assistant gets certified in CPR and first aid.

Internship class 

At Leesville, there is a special class juniors and seniors can take if they want to get started experiencing their career.  

“I was able to learn more about what is involved in the profession and if it’s something for me,” said Clare Smally over via text, a former Leesville who graduated in 2023 and is in the dental program at University of Kentucky.

It’s best for the students who are unsure what career path to take. So instead of students who are unsure just picking a career path and not liking it, they can take an internship class to see which career path they are interested in. 

 “I was able to learn more about what is involved in the profession and if it’s something for me,” said Smally.


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