HOSA club at Leeville

Flyers for HOSA club are hanging throughout the school on the wall. (Used by Permission of Savannah Oberdorf)

As students are almost 3 weeks into school, students have chosen to expand and bring new/old clubs together for other students to join and be a part of.

One club in particular has sparked interest in many students  — the reformatted HOSA club (Health care).

The leaders of this club include Devin Patrel as president and Evie Morgan as vice president.

The interest meeting was on Thursday, September 7, 2023, if missed the interest meeting students can always contact Devin Patrel for any questions or information. 

The regular meetings will be held once a month every first Thursday.

Patrel said, “I lead all of the meetings and lead the club. HOSA is a club for people interested in future health careers, so we like competitive conferences and like to compete with it and like to make connections with people from that field of learning.” 

This club specializes in students who want to be doctors, Emts, nurses, physical therapists, etc. Even if students do not want to major in any medical field it is still a great club to get more involved with the school.

“I’m interested in pursuing a health related career so I’ve been in HOSA club since my freshman year so yeah,” said Patrel.

In this club students will go on field trips and also do community service to help get an understanding of what it takes to fulfill a medical job and pursue any medical dreams a student might have.


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